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The Nsolv process involves the injection of a pure, heated solvent vapour into a bitumen reservoir where it delivers heat as it condenses. A small amount of heat greatly improves the solvent’s ability to dissolve the bitumen, with resulting low-viscosity liquids draining by gravity to a production well. The process uses commercially proven horizontal-well technology widely implemented in current heavy oil recovery operations.


Until now, developing in-situ reserves has required major costs to producers and the environment. Nsolv overcomes these challenges by delivering robust economic returns, even in low oil price environments or in challenging reservoirs, such as thin-pay, shallow-depth and low-pressure zones. Nsolv also achieves about an 80% reduction in GHG emissions over SAGD while consuming no water.

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Nsolv is now primed for further partnerships, joint ventures and license agreements for its proprietary oil sands solution. Our pilot project has affirmed the environmental and economic benefits of our warm solvent extraction process. This process is also safeguarded by over 400 patents and claims registered in Canada, the United States and other foreign jurisdictions.

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