Nsolv’s game-changing technology overcomes the current challenges faced within the industry. It is cheaper, cleaner and safer than other heavy oil extraction methods, and delivers significant benefits to both the Province of Alberta and Canada as a whole.

Economic benefits

The Nsolv process offers higher rates of return than SAGD, and remains economically viable even in low oil price environments. It also makes thin-pay, shallow-depth and low-pressure zones economically viable targets. Here’s why:  
  • Reduced cost of entry for new projects, as upfront capital costs are reduced by approximately 40% compared with SAGD. Simpler facilities and reduced risk allow for faster implementation times.
  • Not requiring expensive steam and water separation plants or water treatment chemicals, Nsolv uses approximately 80% less energy, reducing capital and operating costs.
  • Solvent vapour provides the added benefit of partial upgrading, meaning Nsolv produces a higher quality, more valuable oil (13+ API for Nsolv versus 8 API for SAGD), therefore increasing revenue.
  • Nsolv-upgraded barrels increase pipeline capacity due to less need for diluent and condensate.

Environmental benefits

Nsolv is transforming the heavy oil industry by creating environmental sustainability and answers critics who point to the industry’s historical environmental footprint. Here’s how:
  • Zero water consumption.
  • Approximately 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to SAGD, helping the Province of Alberta and Canada reach its emissions targets.
  • Smaller surface footprint and less disturbance to the land.
  • 20% less waste for each extracted barrel, leading to more efficient transportation to market and higher yield of valuable refined products.
For more detailed information about the advantages Nsolv technology brings to in-situ projects, please contact us at or 1.403.920.3210