Nsolv began field operations with the launch of its pilot plant at Suncor’s Dover lease in January 2014. Here, the company is proving the economic and environmental advantages of its technology. Having met all key performance indicators, we continue to look for a variety of partnerships for developing heavy oil reserves, whether they are prime-shallow, thin, low-pressure or carbonate-type reservoirs.

BEST Pilot Plant

The BEST (Bitumen Extraction Solvent Technology) Pilot Plant demonstrates Nsolv technology at field-scale in advance of full commercialization. Suncor’s Dover lease in the Athabasca region is the host site for the 250-300 barrel-per-day facility, comprising a 300-m horizontal well pair and a surface plant for processing produced hydrocarbons. The pilot plant has now produced over 60,000 barrels of oil, while meeting all of the following key performance indicators:
  •  Extraction Rate: ≥ SAGD extraction rates at 40° - 60°C with zero water usage
  • Oil Quality:
    • Upgrade in-situ bitumen from roughly 8 °API to 13 °API
    • Nickel and vanadium less than 125 ppm
    • Carbon residue at ~5%
  •  GHG Emissions: Reduction of 75-80% relative to SAGD
  • No water consumption/waterless start up   
Key suppliers for the BEST Pilot Plant include:
    • Provider of nucleonic instrumentation
    • ProfilerTM used to facilitate the separation of oil and water
  • OSIsoft
    • Provider of data management system
    • PI SystemTM used for the capture, distribution and analysis of plant data