Key supporters and partners

  • The Climate Change & Emissions Management Corporation of Alberta was an early, non-equity investor in Nsolv.
  • Nsolv has received funding from the federal government by way of Sustainable Development Technology Canada.
  • Nenniger Engineering Inc. is a founding partner in Nsolv and is led by Dr. John Nenniger.
  • Suncor

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    • Owner of Dover lease site for Nsolv pilot project

    Suncor hosts Nsolv’s 300 barrel-per-day pilot plant at its Dover lease in the Athabasca region.
  • Enbridge

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    • Major equity partner
    • Initial investment in 2006

    The Enbridge Pathfinders fund made its initial investment in 2006 and continues its involvement in Nsolv as an equity partner.
  • Hatch

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    • Major equity partner
    • Financial support dating back to 2004
    • Continuing technical support

    Hatch Ltd. has been a significant equity partner since 2004 and offers continuing support. Nsolv’s partnership with Hatch allows for a highly leveraged engineering and technology capacity.